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Green Automation
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Sick of Automation ? Dial 0 for human
The frustration is all too familiar: Call a company's customer service line, and chances are you'll have a hard time reaching a human.

Paul English of Arlington got tired of dealing with computerized voice systems and decided there was only way around it: He would put together a cheat sheet. It started small, with the 10 companies that frustrated him the most.

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Milestones in New England Robotics
Harvest Automation Inc. demonstrates a robot that works like a mini forklift, designed to move potted plants around at commercial nurseries.

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Interview: Hybrid livery CEO on carbon taxes and why hybrid taxis won't matter
When the carbon tax comes and wipes out sport utilities across the land, Seth Riney will be exhaling a big cloud of CO2 in hushed joy.

"You're going to have to be able to prove, one way or the other, how you're minimizing [carbon emissions] in whatever way you can," said Riney, CEO of PlanetTran, the nation's first all-hybrid livery service. "And so vendors like us, being able to provide that data is going to become a requirement eventually."

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