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Scada Systems from Reditech

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SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. It generally refers to an industrial control system: a computer system monitoring and controlling a process. The process can be industrial, infrastructure or facility-based. Our Scada Systems offer high Functionality combined with user-friendly graphical User Interfaces. Our Systems connect your Office directly to the Production.
From Reditech you get Process Visualisation Systems with numerous and comprehensive Tools which support you in the Creation of Single Machine Controls up to the Supervision and Control of complete complex Processes.

Reditech offers powerful PC-based SCADA Solutions developed with Tools of the leading Vendors (Wonderware etc.) or a proprietary Solution completely designed to your standards.

Nowadays the Supervision of every Aspect of a Process is indispensible. To meet the Challenges of the international Markets Downtime must be avoided. Detect with Reditech SCADA Systems Problems in the early Stage, adjust your Maintenance Plans or realize Optimisation Possibilities and have all Production Counts available allways and everywhere.

Our Customers realize the Advantages of our SCADA Systems very fast. Display of all Production Data in Realtime either in the local Intranet or via Internet from any place in the world. This also works the other way, our System can alert you in case of Problems by sending you an e-mail for example.
Benefit from Performance Measurements starting from single shifts up to Analysis from the beginning of your Data Collection. Allways have an eye on your Machines and adjust your Maintenance Activities according to the collected Data.

Localized Versions of our SCADA Systems are a Standard for us.

our Services
Preparation of the Data Models

Configuration of the complete Data including necessary Changes to your existing Systems

Development of the complete graphical User Interface

Configuration of the Process Analysis Functions (Trends, Historic Data, Alrms, Reports, Counts, Quality Control etc.)

Commissioning of the complete SCADA Systems including Communication and Network Management

Configuration of the Process Protocols and Documentation (e.g. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ATV M 260, ATV H 260, ATV H 207 RÜB)

Programming of Database Interconnections

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>>>> Download Brochure SCADA Visualisation with Visual Factory (PDF, Englisch, 2.2MB) <<<<

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