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Reditech Control Cabinets

Reditech develops and builds Electrical Control Cabinets with great success for many years. We supply Cabinets for Machines, Processes and more. Among others the World`s leading Manufaturers of Food are our satisfied

The perfect and complete Solution

Reditech can develop the System, supply all necessary Parts and build the Control Panel (The Customer can deliver Parts if he wishes to do so). That way the Customer saves costs. Also the Customer only has one contact person and gets a complete, turnkey Product. Reditech offers outstanding Guarantees.

The Heart of the Control Cabinet is the Electronics

The electronic components are the Heart of every modern Control Panel. Reditech has the Advantage to develop and build this heart completely "In House". This gives Advantages in Functional Safety,  is more competitive and flexible to the Customers Wishes.

Extensive Documentations are normal for us.

Circuit Diagrams can be delivered in AutoCAD, EPlan or ElektroCAD (other Systems please contact). Our Technicians are equipped with modern Workstations of the latest Generation.

For the Customers Satisfaction our employees implement Ideas for electrical Control Cabinets with State of the Art Technologies. We use all Improvement Possibilities the technical progress is offering to improve the Function and Reliability of our Cabinets. Environment Protection is one of our Main Goals in all our activities.

We only use Power Switches and other Components which are perfectly suitable for the specific System. We use Parts of all big Vendors. We consider your Company Internal Regulations regarding the Parts.

Safety, Reliability, high Quality and Flexibility are the Maxims of Reditech Automation GmbH. To proove this, Reditech was successfully certified after DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Our Services

Low Voltage Control Cabinets

Low Voltage PLC based Control Cabinets

Power Distribution up to 250A according to VDE 0660

Low Voltage Distribution from 250 up to 1250A according to VDE 0660

High Current Distribution from 1250 up to 4000A according to VDE 0660

 Controls according to VDE 0113 in the Areas Building Services, Water- and Waste Water Handling, Engineering, Automation

Alarmpanels, Operator Panels

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