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PLC Control Systems

Reditech PLC Controls
PLC Controls from Reditech are successfully in Use worldwide. We develop, build and programme PLC Controls of every Kind and Size according to your demands. If needed we can deliver the newest Visualisation Technologies as well.

Long Life and Quality and reasonable Prices are our advantages.

We are familiar with the PLC`s of all Big Vendors (Siemens, Rockwell, Omron etc.).

We have a special eye on Customer Support - You can allways count on us.

For the Control of our Robots and Systems we use PLC`s. For you, the Customer, this means less cabling works, faster Startups, less sources of errors and easy Adaption to Process Changes. A Single Controller or a network of Multiple PLC`s we allways have an adequate Solution for your Needs. To achieve this, we use the Products of different Vendors. Programming is done by highly trained employees with many years of experience.

If Devices, such as Drives and Sensors, must talk to each other a Bus System is needed. Over Time many different Bus Systems such as "Profibus" or "Devicenet" have been developed, every Bus with its special advantages for specific applications. Reditech is familiar with the Bus Systems off all big vendors on the Market.

Currently supported PLC Systems (if yours is not listed, feel free to contact us, maybe we can help anyway):
-- Siemens TIA V10- 14
- Simatic S7 Classic

- Siemens S3/S5/S7/ Vipa
- Omron
- Schneider
- Keyence
- Mitsubishi
- Klöckner Möller
- Beckhoff
- Allen Bradley

- Rockwell PLC2 / PLC5 / SLC500 / Logix Platform

Our Services


Development of Machine- and Process Controls, PC or PLC based including Realtime Applications


Custom made Controls with Databse Access for Production Lines


Controls for Processes

Factory Automation:

Object orientated IT-Solutions, CIM Applications and Diagnostics, Applications for the MES*- and EES-Area
* MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


Development of Factorywide Integration Solutions for Data Collection and Analysis in conjunction with Databse Access

Software Development:

Customer specific Development of System- and End User Software using most modern object orientated Programming Languages.

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