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Visualisation from Reditech

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We provide you an Overview of your System. Control your Machine or Process easily from your PC with a Mouse click or comfortable with a Reditech Touchpanel.

Reditech has many years of Experience in developing and programming of Visualisation Solutions for Machines and Processes. It does not matter if you want to control or monitor a single Machine or your complete Production - Reditech offers custom-made Solutions for you and your Company.

Our Linecontrol HMI Technology is sucessfully in Use all over the world. Especially the Possibilities of our "Smart Linecontrol" System is appreciated by our Customers because of its outstanding Setup- and Diagnostic Functions.

Enter your Linecontrol Parameters comfortable via PC from your Office or gain direct access to your Machines - The Reditech Smart Linecontrol System offers you all the Possibilities of a modern HMI. Simply contact us - we can help you.

Have a complete Overview of your Production. Determine Problems early with our Overview Screens. Display of Status of Motors, Sensors etc. is allways included in the "Smart Linecontrol" System. We certainly consider your special Wishes - Simply tell us what you need and Reditech ensures that you will get it in the way you want it.

Advanced Diagnostic Functionality in conjunction with the Possibility to display complete Parts of your PLC Logic in Realtime help you in the event of a Problem and to avoid downtime.Your electricians will be very happy with this Feature.

We also develop Machine- or Process Controls of every size.We develop custom-made Visualisations for your Machine or Process. Complicated Processes can be supervised and adjusted with our Systems fast and easily.

Our Services
Reditech develops, programmes and commissions powerful customer-specific Visualisations for your Machine or Process. We are familiar with the Solutions of all big vendors on the Market. Extensive Personnel Training and On-Site Assistance is normal for us.

Currently supported Systems :

- Siemens WinCC
- Rockwell RSView32
- Rockwell RSViewME
- Rockwell Panelbuilder
- Omron CX-Supervisor

if your specific Vendor is not on the List - contact us anyway because we surely can help you. Contact us Today.

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